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About Us

CEO Message

Thank you very much for your visiting our website.
CEOKim Young Sun

"You Are The Best."

Choosing our premium microfiber products is the best way to promote quality products.
We, CMA GLOBAL, is the manufacturer of high-quality microfiber products which are used for our daily life and various industrial sectors. Our products are exported to more than 100 countries all over the world.

Our quality microfiber cleaning cloth products are widely used to clean optical lenses for glasses and cameras, monitors, mobile screen, and delicate electric devices. The products features high cleaning efficiency with no scratches and stains.

Particularly, full-color digital printed microfiber cleaning cloths are a very useful tool for promotion, advertisement, and gift as a custom logo, design or image can be printed vividly as requested.

As it is not a disposable product but a reusable and easy-to-carry item, it will maximize the promotional and advertizing effect.

In addition to the microfiber cloth products, a variety of microfiber-based products, including pouches, gloves, and glasses cases, are manufactured through continued R&D activities. Our unique full-color digital printing technology is well recognized globally for its excellence
As suggested by our company slogan "Our Best Quality Supports Your Best Marketing",
we are trying our best to provide products that has the best quality and very reasonable price.

Without being satisfied with the way we are,
we are continuing R&D activities for new and better products in order to lead the way in the future.